Woman with a blue and white jacket and harness riding a zipline

Best Zip Line in Monteverde: Sky Adventures Canopy Tour (Costa Rica): What it’s really like!

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Sky Adventures Monteverde was created in 1997 by a team of three siblings, one of whom enjoyed studying the flora and fauna of the Cloud Forest. They started with around 10 acres and had hanging bridges for guests to enjoy the beauty of the area. They then added a few short zip lines and now the park has grown to include a wide array of adventures and activities. If you are looking for the best zip line in Monteverde, check out Sky Adventures in the cloud forest of Costa Rica!

A boy with his mother and father holding a Sky Adventures Monteverde sign.
Sky Adventures: Best Zipline in Monteverde

Is Sky Adventures the best zip line in Monteverde?

If you are looking for some of the longest and highest cables without having to deal with breaking while enjoying the cable, then Sky Trek Adventures (Costa Rica) is the winner. Ziplines originated from the Monteverde region, so it is easy to see why ziplining is quite popular in this area. In addition, included in your zip lining adventure is a ride on Sky Adventures Sky Tram up to the top of the mountain.

Woman with a blue and white jacket and harness riding a zipline

Arriving: Sky Adventures Monteverde

Monteverde Sky Adventures can pick you up via shuttle service from your hotel or you can drive up the bumpy gravel road up to the start of your adventure. There is plenty of parking and it is a short walk to the inside reception area. A 4 x 4 vehicle is not needed to navigate the road but is highly recommended when traveling to and from Monteverde (until they finish paving the roads).

Need the address? Check out the google map.

Sky Adventures offers a variety of activities to suit anyone’s needs. We choose the Sky Trek canopy tour and Tree climbing. They also offer hanging bridges, a sky tram, and a herptarium. You can make a combination of items into a package to suit your ability and interests. Each activity gives you a unique perspective to enjoy the Monteverde cloud forest (Costa Rica).

Our package included zip-lining, the sky tram and climbing multiple trees complete with ropes and traditional rock climbing attachments.

Full Review: Zip Lining and Sky Tram

You’ll enter the reception area and check-in for your tour. You’ll be given tickets for each tour that you signed up for. Then you’ll follow the markings on the ground to the staging zone where the staff will help you put on your harness and helmet after you sign a small waiver form if you are starting off with a high flying adventure.

There are free lockers to store your personal items, which I thought was quite nice. The lockers are located outside (under covering) where you put on your harness and helmet. This is also where you will end your adventure so you can grab your belongings.

Once you are all geared up in your helmet, gloves, and harness, you’ll be asked to walk over to their safety briefing area. They will explain how to use the Montverde zip line, which body position to use while riding and how to “land”. It is quite simple and there are pictures as well as demonstrations to help guide you. Feel free to ask questions about the equipment, the staff is very helpful.

One of the zipline guides demonstrating the proper zip line riding position with legs up in the air and crossed, hands on the handlebar and head back.

The staff also takes a fun picture with various signs if you want to purchase the photo later. If you want to document your adventures, you can either rent a GoPro or use your own. We travel with a GoPro, so just be sure to bring a mount for the helmet. Don’t have any mounts? Check out our favorites.

The guides take care of all the equipment and clipping on and off the zipline. They also do all of the zipline breaking for you, so you just get to enjoy the ride and the incredible views.

Now it’s time to test those Costa Rica zipline skills! After the safety briefing, you’ll attempt your first practice zip line. It will take you down to the Sky Tram and it is the perfect zip line to practice your body positioning and get a feel for the upcoming adventure. Be sure to look over to the bridge on the right and smile for the camera! It’s one of the best shots during the canopy tour.

Five year old boy in a blue coat riding on the zip line
Ziplining over the canopy (Monteverde, Costa Rica)

Once you reach the end of the first zip line, you’ll walk over to the Sky Tram. The Sky Tram will take you up to the top of the mountain. Apparently, it is quite rainy 85% of the time in Monteverde, so those sunny photos you see only really occur maybe two months out of the year (in March and April). Just FYI.

We were visiting during the transition period between the wet and the dry season, so it was very windy with gusts up to 75 kmph. It didn’t bother us too much, but if you are scared of heights, the swaying of the tram might be enough to scare you.

After you reach the top, there is a small café with bathrooms and a few lookout points. It was also extremely windy. We weren’t able to see anything since we were inside a cloud, so we headed up to the first platform. If you thought it was windy on the platform, just imagine how windy it was when you climb the tower! Wind and rain crashing all around. One of the guests in our group decided he had had enough, so he headed back down, but the rest of us continued.

Adult male wearing a red jacket while riding a zipline through the cloud/rain.
Monteverde Zipline

It wasn’t what I was expecting weather-wise on a Monteverde, Costa Rica zip line adventure, but we were good sports and just rolled with it.

All of the following zip lines cross back and forth over the mountain ranges. Quite a few times we were zip-lining through the clouds and couldn’t even see the landing platform. I’m not usually nervous, but not being able to see the landing area did make me re-think this whole adventure.

Little boy and adult harnessed into a zipline.

The staff is wonderful. Like I said before, they do all the breaking for you so you can enjoy your canopy tour in Costa Rica. If they need you to slow down a bit, they will shake the zip line and ask you to toggle your zip line bar. It’s pretty simple and helps to create friction. I only had to slow down once, when my husband and I were riding together over one of the really long zip lines.

I have been on zip lines all around the world and have done both hand breaking as well as guide breaking. I prefer when the guides have to do the breaking so I can enjoy the ride.

Man with red jacket riding on the zipline in the cloudforest.

Since it is rainy about 85% of the time, be sure to bring full rain gear and a fleece or long sleeve underneath. We also tucked our hoods into our helmets to keep warm and keep the rain off our necks. By the end of the tour, we were soaked, a bit muddy, but with smiles on our faces. The staff wore both rain jackets and rain pants with boots.

During our visit, it was around 70 degrees, which is quite warm, but the weather only gets colder as you go higher. Add in being wet and then flying on fast zip lines, you’ll be surprised at how cold you’ll get, so layer up unless it is a nice sunny day.

Father, Mother and their five year old son standing on a platform wearing rain jackets, helmets and harnesses smiling at the camera.
Canopy Tour Monteverde

The Sky Trek (Monteverde) fastest zip line is second to last and is a blast! You’ll fly between two mountain ridges at over 60 mph! Then the last zip line is the longest at 2,526 feet. You’ll end back towards the reception, but not before the grand finale!

Five year old boy and guide attached to a zipline riding into the platform.
Zipline Costa Rica

In the end, you can either choose to rappel over the edge of the platform or jump off with a bungee style cord that allows you to freefall a few seconds before it lowers you to the ground. I chose the rappel option and it was very simple with the mechanism doing all the work.

My husband did the jump option and he said it was a lot of fun. The key is to just do it and don’t think about it. I’ll take his word for it….

So that’s what it is like to zip line with Sky Adventures (Costa Rica)! You’ll have a huge smile across your face, likely be soaked and experienced a wonderful adventure in the cloud forest.

Once you reach the reception, you’ll take off your helmet and harness. The photographer will show you the photos that he took throughout your Monteverde adventure (he ziplines along with the group). You can purchase one photo for $10 or the entire package. As a family of 3, we paid $42 for over 100 photos, which was a pretty good deal for the number of photos and the quality. We also supplemented the photos in this post with images from my husband’s GoPro and my phone camera.

Check out some more of the photos from our photo package.

If you’ve scheduled another adventure, you typically have a bit of time to grab a light snack or coffee at the restaurant. My son and I had a delicious hot chocolate and my husband had a coffee. We also shared a ham panini with thick-cut potato fries.

Full review: Tree Climbing

After we enjoyed the zip lining course, we returned back to the gear prep area to suit up for tree climbing. We wore the same equipment including a helmet and harness. No gloves this time. The lockers are again free for use during your adventure.

We headed across the hanging bridge over into the forest to the first tree climb. The first tree was quite simple with easy handholds and straps that you could use to ascend the tree. If you make it to the top, there is a bell to ring.

Boy climbing a tree with three adults watching from below.

The belay system is automatic, allowing you to climb safely and if you slip, you’ll only fall a couple of feet before the system kicks in and slowly allows you to descend back to the mat below the tree.

There are six trees that you can climb and they each vary in difficulty. We were traveling as a family, so we stuck to the easier trees. The first and fourth tree is the easiest to climb. However, they are not easy enough for small children to be able to climb to the top unassisted. Our five-year-old son was able to climb about ½ way before the lack of holds or length between the holds made it too difficult. So, FYI if you are traveling with kids, I wouldn’t recommend tree climbing with kids under 10 years old.

Otherwise, we enjoyed trying out a new way of climbing and it was a unique opportunity to climb a tree.

Sky Adventures: Amenities

Located within the building is the reception, where you check-in and can book tours. On the right are the bathrooms, which were clean and well cared for. To the left of reception is the go pro rental area and where you can purchase photos. We even saw signs where you can propose to a loved one. Be sure to arrange that ahead of time.

Also, to the back left is the small gift shop with snacks, t-shirts, ponchos (if you forgot to bring something) and other fun items. You’ll walk through the gift shop to gear up for your adventures.

Upstairs is the small café with indoor and outdoor seating. There is also a small children’s area to play inside. A great option for families with a toddler who cannot do the ziplines. The minimum age for the zip lines is five years of age. Families are able to do the hanging bridges and Sky Tram.

Sky Adventures provides free wifi for guests to enjoy during their visit.

Final Thoughts: Sky Trek Costa Rica

Even though the weather didn’t cooperate and we ended up with high winds, pouring rain and cloudy skies, we still had fun during our zip lining adventure in Monteverde. If you bring the appropriate gear and make the best of the weather, you’ll also enjoy the experience.

Here are some final recommendations:

  1. Book your tour in the afternoon, when the weather is often the best in this area when the clouds clear.
  2. Bring full waterproof gear, including rain pants, a rain jacket, a warm hat, and waterproof shoes. If the weather will be warm, check out this post for the top recommendations for water shoes.
  3. If the weather is warm and sunny, be sure to wear sunscreen and insect repellant.
  4. Give yourself plenty of time on arrival to use the restroom and then check-in. I suggest at least 15 minutes.
  5. Guests not participating in the activities can enjoy the upstairs cafe.
  6. Traveling with young children? There is a play area in the cafe upstairs.

Use the coupon code ADVENTURE5 to save 5% on your tickets. This Sky Adventures discount code is valid in 2019/2020.

Do you have a favorite activity in Monteverde? Feel free to leave a comment or find me on Facebook or Instagram. I created this travel blog to help other families to explore the world with their kids and I hope I’ve inspired you. Want to read more about Costa Rica? Check out my posts below on the various regions in Costa Rica. Is Manuel Antonio or Quepos a part of your journey? Here is my post for our favorite activities in Manuel Antonio. Or head over to my destinations page and explore my interactive map, it’s pretty fun. Until next time!

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