Catamaran Tour Costa Rica: Snorkeling Manuel Antonio with Ocean King

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Looking for a Catamaran Tour in Costa Rica to experience the beauty of the Pacific Ocean waters? Check out Ocean King near Manuel Antonio. They offer an incredible catamaran trip just off the shores of Manuel Antonio National Park where you’ll enjoy tropical drinks while lounging in the hot tubs or lounge chairs overlooking the crystal clear ocean waters. Keep an eye out for dolphins as you anchor, just offshore to enjoy snorkeling and using the two slides off the back of the catamaran. Then dine on a delicious feast of fresh fish, pasta, rice, and vegetables.

This is a catamaran cruise that you shouldn’t miss! Read my full review below or book now!

Ocean King Costa Rica catamaran with two slides, lounging area, two hot tubs and impeccable service.

Ocean King Catamaran: What to Expect


You can choose to be picked up at your hotel and transported to the Marina, or you can drive yourself (if you have a rental car) and there is free parking at the Marina Pez Vela. The parking area is located just before the ramp to go up to the shops. You’ll see a gate with a guard. The gate is open and you can either park in the dirt lot, or continue around to park underneath the parking garage.

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Ocean King Office

The Ocean King office is in the covered parking garage and not in one of the shops above the marina. We reserved online but needed to pay in the office before heading outside to wait for the departure.

Both those who have used their own transportation, as well as guests who were picked up wait outside at the Marina. There is a small astroturf area between the shops. If you’ve forgotten anything, there is a great little shop right next to the waiting area. Perfect for my husband who forgot his sunglasses!

Ocean King Catamaran

Once the group assembles, you’ll be led down the dock and onto the boat. No shoes are allowed, so be ready to slip those off before you climb aboard.

You’ll be directed to different areas, depending on which language you speak for a quick safety briefing and then the Ocean King will set sail.

Ocean King Quepos, Costa Rica safety briefing on board.

A few items to note: There are storage areas for your bags and your shoes below the seats. No smoking is allowed while on the boat.

The boat is large enough to carry around 200 people. Since we were visiting during the “off-season”, our boat had around 35-40 guests and a crew of 5-6. Everything was well maintained, and the crew was attentive with washing down the deck, picking up cups/plates and making sure everyone was having a great time.


There is a table with crackers, cookies, fresh pineapple and watermelon to start off the trip. Your ticket also includes 8 alcoholic beverages for adults and unlimited juice and soft drinks for kids.

Catamaran Ocean King Quepos fresh fruit, cookies and crackers as appetizers.

There is plenty to keep busy while the catamaran heads towards the shores of Manuel Antonio National Park. There are two hot tubs located just behind the bar. They had one open during our cruise, which was fine with not as many people. The tubs weren’t warm at all, but it was a great place to just chill and relax.

Ocean King Manuel Antonio catamaran has two hot tubs to enjoy during your trip.

There are also two large net areas where you can lounge with a drink and hear the water below. In addition, the top deck features plenty of sun along with lounge chairs, sunbathing chairs, and views for miles!

Manuel Antonio Catamaran Tour

The boat will cruise for around 45 minutes before it reaches Manuel Antonio National Park. Once there, the crew will give you a bit of information about the park. Be sure to capture some great photos of the islands and sandy beaches from this unique water view.

Ocean King catamaran Manuel Antonio National Park views from the boat.

Snorkeling Manuel Antonio

A short while later, the boat will anchor itself just off the point for some water fun! Head to the lower deck and the back of the boat to grab a snorkel, flippers, and mask. Head down a small set of stairs and into the nice warm waters of the Pacific Ocean. There is a small volcanic island just off the point that is a nice reef for various types of fish.

*I’ve snorkeled all around the world. The snorkeling in Costa Rica isn’t amazing, but you’ll see a few different types of brightly colored fish and just being in the ocean is good for the soul, so give it a try. Visibility is pretty limited and worse so after a rainstorm. I’m an experienced diver, so I just dove down deeper into the water and it cleared up quite a bit.

A few tips, be sure to put your flippers on just before you go into the water…..and yes, flippers are really nice to have. Also, they require that you wear a life jacket, but they are nice enough to strap it around your waist, so you are buoyant without it getting in the way. The Manuel Antonio snorkeling experience is part of the trip and something you should try.

After your snorkeling adventure, swim back over to the catamaran to enjoy the two huge slides on the back of the boat. Or perhaps you are feeling a bit daring and you’d like to try jumping off the second deck of the boat?? Fun was had by all the guests and the crew were on hand to make sure everyone was safe.


Spending a day on the ocean always calls for a delicious lunch and the crew cooks up an amazing meal! From the flavorful fish to the perfectly steamed and seasoned vegetables, all the options were delicious and happily gobbled up by the hungry guests. I highly recommend the salsa as well as the homemade chips to go along with it.

Catamaran Ocean King Costa Rica lunch with fresh fish, rice, pasta, vegetables, chips & salsa.

Another impressive item to note, there was very little waste. Almost all of the items were reusable dish wear, which I highly appreciated. Drinks were served with plenty of ice and discarded items were quickly picked up.


The crew can really make or break the experience. All of the crew members we encountered were lovely. They looked like they really enjoyed their job and wanted to make sure guests were having a wonderful time. Andres was the boat photographer that day and he worked hard to capture photos of all the guests. If you decide to purchase the photos, it is a bulk price and ends up costing around $20 per person.

The rest of the crew always made sure our drinks were full no matter where we were on the boat and that we were enjoying the trip. In addition, they kept their eyes open to help us spot dolphins (no luck) and answered any questions we had along the way.


Why book with Ocean King Catamaran (Manuel Antonio)? Ocean King offers one of the largest boats with two water slides, two hot tubs, two nets to lounge on and two decks to enjoy. The catamaran is complete with bathrooms and an impeccable safety record. The staff held a safety talk before launching and was on hand to make sure all the guests were enjoying their experience.

What to pack for your trip? You’ll want beach towels, sunscreen, a hat to help shade your face, sunglasses, bathing suit, and cover-up. For children, you might want to consider a child-sized snorkel set. If you get seasick, don’t forget a seaband or medication.

Is the Ocean King Catamaran good for families? Yes! We celebrated our son’s 5th birthday on the catamaran. The staff offers fresh fruit juice, water, and soda for children (free of charge). Children are allowed to use all aspects of the boat, however, I would suggest bringing your own snorkel gear as the catamaran did not have a good selection for younger children.

What is served for lunch on the Ocean King Catamaran? Lunch includes fresh fish, pasta salad, rice, fresh vegetables and chips with salsa.

Are there bathrooms located on the Ocean King Catamaran? Yes! There are separate men and women bathrooms located just below the deck. There are multiple toilet rooms with sinks.

Is there a photographer on board to capture our images? Yes! There is a photographer on board who will introduce himself. You can let him know if you’d like him to take photos of your family for purchase at the end of the cruise. There are multiple opportunities to view those photos and you can grab him anytime. We only had a few families on our cruise, so we ended up with over 100 photos! You can purchase them for a modest fee and it was a nice option to have on our Manuel Antonio catamaran adventures.

What are the catamaran prices for Ocean King? They have competitive pricing and we felt as though the tickets were a good value. Check their website for pricing, including transportation.


We shared the waters and dock with quite a few other companies and the Ocean King was the winner by far. We enjoyed having a larger boat with more amenities, the lunch was delicious, and the activities were as described. The staff was upbeat, courteous and always made sure we were having a good time.

I could see being disappointed with a max or near max capacity catamaran because the ability to move around would be difficult and the hot tubs have a max number of 8 guests each, but I wouldn’t hesitate to book again with Ocean King Catamaran (Manuel Antonio).

Feel free to ask any questions by contacting me, leaving a comment or finding me on Facebook or Instagram. I created this travel blog to help other families to explore the world with their kids and I hope I’ve inspired you. Want to read more? Head over to my destinations page and explore my interactive map, it’s pretty fun. Until next time!

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Your trip to Manuel Antonio isn't complete without a trip out on the ocean to enjoy snorkeling, views of Manuel Antonio National Park, sliding off the slides and finishing off the trip with a fresh lunch. Check out my tips for your adventure!

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