Getaway House DC: If you want to make wellness a focus when you travel, a stay at a Getaway House is the perfect way to relax and recharge.

Getaway House DC Review: Glamping in a Tiny House Cabin

Getaway House DC Review: Glamping in a Tiny House Cabin (and why we loved it)!

I’ll admit that I’m not a huge fan of camping. We did take a family whitewater rafting trip this summer in Northern California that required two nights of camping and it didn’t kill me, so when the Getaway House reached out to come stay with them, I knew it was the perfect mix of glamping and experiencing the great outdoors. We had so much fun and my son is begging to return! I’ll share a full review of the tiny house rental at the Getaway House DC location. 

Getaway House DC Tiny Cabin "Thelma"
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Getaway House: Tiny Cabins near DC and Shenandoah National Park

Looking for an easy escape from the hustle and bustle of the city? Then look no further than the Getaway house near Shenandoah National Park in Virginia. With over 30 tiny cabins in two configuration styles: 2 person with one queen bed for romantic getaways and a four person with bunk bed style queen beds for families spread out over 20 acres. Reconnect with loved ones, teach the kids how to build a campfire and then crawl into your cozy beds with huge window of the surrounding forest for a peaceful nights sleep!
The Getaway House concept is all about “getting away”. Yep that’s right, ditch the phones, the internet (no wifi provided) and soak up the ambiance and family time. 
They also have Getaway House locations in  Atlanta, NYC and Boston, so be sure to check them out. 
Interior Cabin View of the Getaway House DC
The Getaway House tiny cabins are located near Stanardsville, VA and the Swift Run Gap entrance to Shenandoah National Park. Located about two hours from the DC area. With multiple routes down to the area, it’s a relatively easy place to reach. 
If you don’t have a car, you can Amtrak to Charlottesville and then arrange transportation from there. We saw a few daily rental cars as we walked around. 
The tiny cabins are scattered throughout the forested area. Most of the cabins are nestled into groups of  3-4 tiny cabins. You can see your neighbors, but only through the treeline and the big window by the bed faces the woods. We felt as though it was private, but not secluded. 
You’ll be given your “road name” and “cabin name” a couple hours before you are set to check-in. It wasn’t overly difficult to find. They will also send you a text and an e-mail with the code to enter the cabin. You can use either e-mail or text in order to reach a staff member with any questions and someone will respond relatively quickly. 
Trails around the Getaway House DC Tiny Cabins with our dog
Trails around the Getaway House DC Tiny Cabins
Note that there aren’t any shops or services located on the property of the getaway house. You’ll have to head 5 minutes down the road to the nearest gas station and grocery store for provisions.
There is a nice walking trail located along a stream. You’ll see the sign for the trail as you enter the property (just after the main house), off to the right.
We were staying just above the trail on the hill and discovered it while wandering around the tiny house. Just follow the orange colored blaze marks.
Walking Trail on the property of the Getaway House DC
Yellow Blaze for the trail around the property at the Getaway House DC

Ready to Book?

Use the code "CHELSEAKS25" to save $25 off your first stay at the Getaway House Tiny Cabins in DC

Fun Facts about Getaway DC Tiny Cabins

Getaway House DC Tiny Cabin "Thelma"
Getaway House DC Tiny Cabin with Father and son reading

Getaway Tiny House Cabin:

Enter your entrance code or send a text to the message on your phone and voila, you’re in!
You’ll notice a very well kept, clean and tiny little home awaits you with comfortable mattresses, fluffy towels and the amenities you would expect from a nice hotel. It features a generator for electricity, well water for cooking/bathing needs and a thermometer to adjust the temperature to your liking. 
Getaway House DC Tiny Cabin "Thelma"
Getaway House DC Tiny Cabin Outdoor Area

Bedroom Area:

The bedroom either features one queen size bed in front of a large window looking into the woods or a set of queen beds arranged in a bunk bed style without the feeling of claustrophobia on the bottom. Soft linens, plenty of pillows and outlets with USB or traditional outlets for your electronics. They also provide a USB charging lantern, a nice touch.

Interior bedroom photo of the Getaway House DC Tiny Cabins
Upper bunk view of the forest in the tiny cabin at the Getaway House DC

Dining Area:

On the table you’ll find a welcome letter, booklet with helpful information, a card for check-our and perhaps a bit of a welcome gift. There is seating for 4 at the table, but it is a bit tight so we enjoyed the majority of our meals outside at the provided picnic table. 
Welcome letter, helpful instructions and s'mores kit as a welcome inside the Getaway House DC
Interior bedroom photo of the Getaway House DC Tiny Cabins

Kitchen Area:

The kitchen is ample for simple preparations. I highly suggest preparing your food as much as possible and getting rid of packaging to utilize the mini fridge.
The kitchen features a sink, mini fridge, two burner stove, kettle for coffee/tea and kitchen supplies. We had everything we needed to prepare breakfasts and two dinners. Extra trash bags and paper towels are provided, along with dish soap and utensils for four. Our cabin only had two smaller bowls, but we used a cup when needed. The plates, bowls and cups are metal camping style.
The kitchen also has a drawer of foods and coffees for purchase in case you forgot something. See the price list for each item. You’ll also see the cost for firewood and fire starters if you decide to cook over the open fire or roast s’mores.
Salt, pepper, creamer and sugar are provided free of charge.

I suggest bringing some items to cook while you are staying at the cabin. I pre-prepared the food in order to fit everything in the mini fridge and to limit the amount of preparation needed. We made burgers (vegetarian), roasted vegetables, veggie sausages, macaroni and cheese, scrambled eggs with avocado toast and popcorn over the fire. 

Cooking by the fire at the Getaway House tiny cabins in DC

Bathroom Area: 

Up a step or two is the bathroom with a toilet and standing shower. Towels are located just above the toilet and are soft and fluffy. The shower features biodegradable soaps, shampoos and conditioners for use during your stay. It’s a tight shower, but doable, even for taller visitors (my husband is 6’3”). I will say it isn’t great for kids because the shower spout doesn’t angle down enough, but doable for a short visit.
There are two hooks in the bathroom and then additional hooks outside the bathroom, just behind the main entrance.
Shower inside the Getaway House in DC
Towels inside the Getaway House in DC

Privacy and Security:

We really liked the glass door on the entrance so we could leave the main door open and just enjoy the natural light filling the cabin. It also made it much easier during meal times to come in and out.
For security and privacy, there is a flip bolt for the entrance door and window shades for all the windows.
There is a landline phone for emergency purposes in case your phone does not have WiFi. There is a also a small first aid kit in the bathroom
Interior Cabin View of the Getaway House DC

Other Amenities:

The tiny cabin includes a radio, some interesting books to read (cabin porn anyone?), a box to place your cell phones for safe keeping (need a detox from email and social media?) as well as a usb charging lantern.

Forget to bring your coffee? Enjoying a nice evening and don’t want to venture out for dinner? The Getaway House has you covered! There is a small drawer full of items such as coffee, pasta sauce, pasta, snacks and more for a small fee. You’ll be charged at the end of your stay for the items that you choose to use. 

Bringing your electric car? They have plugs available for use. 

Portable lantern in the Tiny Cabins at the Getaway House in DC
Books and Games for your use inside the Getaway House DC
Food for purchase inside the Getaway House in DC

Outdoor Area: 

There is ample parking for at least two vehicles relatively close to the cabin. We did see a few cabins with a parking spot located a short walk to their cabin, but nothing too far. We had a metal bucket and there is an outdoor water spigot to put the fire out at the end of the evening. 
No fire pit tools are provided, but a stick is an easy compromise. 
Outside each tiny cabin there is a fire pit with grate for cooking, 2-4 Adirondack chairs depending on the cabin style and a picnic table. There is also a storage bin with firewood bundles and starters for an extra fee.
Getaway House DC Tiny Cabin Outdoor Area

Can I bring my dog?

Well behaved dogs are welcome to stay for an extra fee. We saw plenty of dogs during our stay and brought our own pup Calvin along on our adventure.
There is a dog lead outside the cabin, which is nice to enjoy some time outside by the campfire with the whole family while the pup gets to roam a bit. 
Trails around the Getaway House DC Tiny Cabins with our dog
Our dog Calvin enjoying looking for Squirrels at the Getaway House DC

Items to Note:

There are a few things to note about the tiny cabins. 

  • No Mirrors: That’s right! You won’t be able to look at yourself. 🙂 It’s a part of the whole relaxation and not worrying about what you look like. However, if you wear contacts or want to apply some makeup, it might be something to note. After our rafting trip this past summer, I added this packable mirror to my travel gear. 
  • No WiFi: Sorry, the computer work will have to wait. There aren’t any TV’s either. I promise you won’t miss either of those items. You’ll be having to much fun reading a good book, playing games (a few included with your stay) and playing with the kids. 
  • No Ice: Not a deal breaker, but the freezer wasn’t really cold either, so the ice packs weren’t frozen when we had to pack up and leave. I’d recommend bringing some ice for drinks in a small cooler. 
  • No Grilling Utensils: We cooked the majority of our meals by the campfire and had arrived prepared with items to cook with. However, we didn’t see any grilling utensils and carefully used the wooden spoons included in the cabin. Something to note depending on how to plan to cook. 
  • No Microwave or Toaster: We made popcorn over the open fire, grilled our toast in a pan on the stove and used the kettle to warm up some milk for hot chocolate, but it’s worth noting. 
  • Child Safety: The four person cabin has a ladder to the top bunk and there is enough separation between the window and the mattress for a small child to fall through to the platform below. We stuffed a pillow under the mattress pad and created a barrier. You could also have the kids sleep on the bottom bunk if that was a concern. There are also many steps and ledges, even my four year old took a spill off the edge of the dining bench while playing with his toys. He was fine, but something to note when traveling with small children that you’ll have to keep an extra eye on them. 

Ready to Book?

Use the code "CHELSEAKS25" to save $25 off your first stay at the Getaway House Tiny Cabins in DC

Suggested Items to Bring:

You will want to pack light because the cabins are limited in storage space and no one needs a bunch of clutter on a peaceful getaway into nature! I’ve included the essentials (although you could roast s’mores on a stick). Click on the items to see our personal recommendations for items to purchase. 

Things to do in the local area:

Some guests might prefer to stay near the tiny cabins, read a book, catch up on some sleep or walk around the property. Others might enjoy visiting some of the area’s local attractions. I’ve included some of our favorites in the area.
Trails around the Getaway House DC Tiny Cabins with our dog
The beauty of the great outdoors at the Getaway House DC Tiny Cabins


Located 30 minutes from the cabin is a large resort with many amenities. We’ve stayed on the property before and have personally taken part in many of their activities. Massanutten features a large indoor and outdoor water park, arcade, ropes course, zip line, summer tubing, bounce house, pony rides, golf course and much more!

Massanutten Arcade
Massanutten Ropes Course for Kids

Shenandoah National Park

No visit to the area is complete without a visit to Shenandoah National Park. The Swift Run Gap entrance is located 15 minutes away from the Getaway House tiny cabins. Entrance fees to the park do apply, but you can easily spend the majority of your day exploring the multiple visitor centers, scenic pullovers and hikes. One of our favorites that is located close to the entrance is South Run River Falls Trail.

Visiting the tiny cabins with kids? Check out this list of the best things to do in Shenandoah

Shenandoah National Park
Shenandoah National Park
Shenandoah National Park

Monticello and Charlottesville

Located 45 minutes from the Getaway House is the town of Charlottesville and the historic home of President Jefferson’s Monticello. Spend the morning wandering around the mansion, slave plantation and museums at Monticello. Then head over to Michie Tavern ca. 1784 for a historic southern meal served in an old tavern. Enjoy an afternoon stroll in downtown Charlottesville. Be sure to visit the Charlottesville Downtown Visitors Center.


Wineries and Vineyards

Virginia is quickly becoming a hot spot for wineries. The Shenandoah valley is no exception. Here are a few recommendations for wineries to visit in the area. 

Early Mountain VineyardsOpen 11am -6 pm (closed Tuesday), $14 tasting fee (6 wines), $20 (9 wines). Food Offered. Check their website for more information. 

Barboursville Vineyards: Open 10am-5pm most days, $10 tasting fee (17 wines). Guided tours on weekends. Food offered. Check their website for more information. 

Burnley Vineyards: Oepn 11 am – 5 pm (Friday-Monday, Thursday March-December), $4 tasting fee (14 wines). Check their website for more information. 


We had such a great time at the Getaway House DC and hope to make a return visit. 

I can’t wait to hear about your plans to stay at the Getaway House near DC! Leave me a comment or connect with me on social media. 

I continue to share lots of great family friendly destinations, like our trip to Acadia National Park in Maine or a weekend at the KOA in Cape Hatteras. Feeling more adventurous? We’ve traveled all over Europe and have so many wonderful adventures to share with you. Check out our interactive destination map to discover them all. 

Getaway House DC Tiny Cabin with Father and son reading
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Escape to Getaway House DC with their tiny house cabins. It's a perfect weekend getaway from the DC area. Located close to Shenandoah National Park and other area attractions. #packmoreintolife #getawayhousedc #tinycabin #DCgetaway
Escape to Getaway House DC with their tiny house cabins. It's a perfect weekend getaway from the DC area. Located close to Shenandoah National Park and other area attractions. #packmoreintolife #getawayhousedc #tinycabin #DCgetaway
Escape to Getaway House DC with their tiny house cabins. It's a perfect weekend getaway from the DC area. Located close to Shenandoah National Park and other area attractions. #packmoreintolife #getawayhousedc #tinycabin #DCgetaway

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  1. Hi I recently booked the getaway house. I was wondering if you were concerned about wildlife while grilling outside? Also did they provide trash bags?

    1. I’m sure you’ll have a wonderful stay at the Getaway House. We didn’t have any concerns with wildlife and didn’t see any during our walks around the area.

      They do provide a trash bag.

  2. Your post has completely sold me on doing a Getaway! We will be going in early November and we are so excited to explore and disconnect. Great post!

        1. I apologize it took me so long to respond. One night is fine, but I think two would be perfect. Give you some time to explore, go for a walk, read a book and soak up nature.

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