Looking for a high flying adventure? See why you should book with Aguas Azules for the perfect Costa Rica parasailing adventure flying 600 feet over Manuel Antonio National Park.

Parasailing Costa Rica with Aguas Azules

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A trip to Costa Rica isn’t complete without the ability to get a birds-eye view of the beautiful country and its coastline. Parasailing in Manuel Antonio is the perfect activity for the entire family ranging from small children to great-grandparents. See why you should book your parasailing adventure with Aquas Azules.

Location: Aguas Azules is located just outside the Manuel Antonio National Park within the beach of Manuel Antonio. Pass by the guys trying to sell you a parking spot and then take a sharp right. There are a few parking spots right in front of the parasailing tent (the staff will help you out).

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You can either just show up at the beach and talk to the staff about taking a ride or you can e-mail via their website to make a reservation ahead of time. We only had one afternoon free to go parasailing, so we elected to make a reservation. However, the afternoon during the rainy season can be a bit tricky, so it might be best to play it by ear. I do recommend a reservation during the holidays and the busy tourist season.

Parasailing Manuel Antonio with Aguas Azules.

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Arrival: With a prior reservation, we drove up, parked right near the tent and headed a few short steps to the preparation zone. I spoke with the owner and finished up the payment, waivers and purchased the extra $40 photo package.

Gearing Up: From there, we got into our harnesses and were instructed on how to make sure we were comfortable in the air.

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We then walked to the front of the parachute to get hooked into the bar and given a few more instructions about the take-off and landing.

Take-off: Take off is quite simple. The staff does the heavy lifting and you just have to walk/jog with the pressure of the parachute lifting you into the air. Within a few seconds, all three of us were airborne.

*Note: If you have small children, like our 5-year-old son, they don’t have to worry about jogging because the adults are taller and will basically lift the younger children into the air. The lighter you are, the faster you rise.

Flight: The flight is truly beautiful! You can see for miles from 600 feet in the air. The harness is much like sitting in a swing and you feel quite secure. Our five-year-old son had no problems letting go of the straps and even leaning back (cue a nervous pit in my stomach).

You can choose the length of your flight, but honestly, 15 minutes was perfect. The boat took us around an island and back along the coast before it was time to “land”. The owner was very kind to have her staff hold a giant “Happy Birthday” sign for my son’s 5th birthday. It made the experience even more memorable.

Parasailing Manuel Antonio Costa Rica Happy Birthday sign.

*Celebrating a special event? Chat with the staff to see how they can help make the event a success!

Landing: Landing is a bit different. The boat will slow and cause you to slowly descend towards the water. The rate at which you descend has a few factors, but with two adults and one child, we came down at a good pace. Our son wasn’t quite ready to dip below the water, but our lifejackets quickly brought us back to the surface and the staff was quick to attend to him first.

Parasailing Costa Rica landing into the Pacific Ocean.

As you descend, a jet ski is quickly at hand to help you unbuckle and get you safely back to land. The nice gentleman helped our son first and then my husband and I. We jumped onto the jet ski and had a nice ride back to the beach.

After a few photos with the Happy Birthday sign, we were ready to hit the beach.

Parasailing with Aguas Azules. Family standing in front of a Happy Birthday sign.

Additional Services: Aguas Azules offers beach chairs and boogie boards to continue the fun in the sand and sea, making it the perfect morning or afternoon activity.

Final Thoughts: Overall, we thought it was a fantastic way to get a birds-eye view of the Manuel Antonio National Park. None of us had been parasailing, but we do have experience with skydiving and paragliding, so it was neat to try something new. The staff was courteous, safety-conscious (checking our rigging multiple times) and well versed in the steps required to give their guests the best experience.

We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Aguas Azules for our next adventure.

Aquas Azules also offers other activities such as banana boats, jet ski rentals, private boat rentals, fishing, jet skiing and more. Contact them via their website for additional information.


-Wear clothing that can get wet

-There is a secure storage box for use while in flight

-You can purchase a $40 photo package, includes the SD card

-If you want to use your cell phone while in the air, purchase a waterproof cell phone pouch

Feel free to ask any questions by contacting me, leaving a comment or finding me on Facebook or Instagram. If you like being out on the water, don’t miss a Catamaran Cruise complete with snorkeling and slides! You can read all about our trip with Ocean King here. I created this travel blog to help other families to explore the world with their kids and I hope I’ve inspired you. Want to read more? Head over to my destinations page and explore my interactive map, it’s pretty fun. Until next time!

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Looking for a high flying adventure? See why you should book with Aguas Azules for the perfect Costa Rica parasailing adventure flying 600 feet over Manuel Antonio National Park.

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