The Ranua Wildlife Park is located just outside Rovaniemi, Finland in the Lapland region. It is the only arctic zoo in the world and delight for visitors.

Ranua Wildlife Park: An Arctic Zoo

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Ranua Wildlife Park is the northernmost zoo in the world in Lapland, Finland about an hour outside Rovaniemi. This Arctic zoo is unique not only for its location, but also for its local animals that call this region their home. See a polar bear rolling around in the snow and breaking holes in the ice, watch the otters create tunnels in the snow and spot the beautiful white owls. The entire park is beautiful with wooden walkways where you can pull the little ones in a sleigh. 

ranua wildlife park entrance fee
Ranua wildlife

Ranua Wildlife Park Entrance Fee

The cost of tickets for the entrance fee are in the chart below. 

Note: Children under 4 years free of charge.

Mid-January-March April-September October-early December Mid-December - Mid-Janruary
Adults 15,00€ 17,00€ 15,00€ 18,50€
Children (4-14 years) 13,50€ 14,00€ 13,50 € 16,00€
Family Ticket (Parents with children 4-14 years) 51,00€ 51,00€ 51,00€ 59,00€

Ranua Zoo Opening Hours

The Ranua Wildlife Park is open every day of the year.

  • June 1 – August 31, daily between 9 am – 7 pm
  • September 1 – May 31, daily between 10 am – 4 pm

How to get to Ranua Zoo from Rovaniemi

If you have a rental car and plan to drive from Rovaniemi to Ranua Zoo, there is plenty of parking and parking is free for visitors. 

If you do not have a rental car, there are tour operators that offer trips out to Ranua Zoo or you can take the bus from Rovaniemi to the Ranua Zoo. The bus stop is located 100 m from the entrance. 

Find bus information HERE

Ranua Wildlife Park Review

When you arrive you’ll see the entrance to the Ranua Zoo to your right. You’ll need to purchase tickets and an option sled for smaller children inside the small gift shop. There is a desk and you’ll see the entrance to the arctic zoo just beyond the doors. 

Once you pay for your tickets and enter, you’ll see an arch welcoming you to the 2.8 km loop boardwalk and trail that encircles the property. 

Ranua zoo Rovaniemi entrance arch
Ranua arctic wildlife park sleds available

Explore the wooden footbridges and peer into the enclosures of over 50 different wild animals. In the winter some will be cozy in their dens, but there are entrances to see them sleeping the long winter months away. 

The walkways are also elevated in some areas so you can get an up close and personal look at some amazing animals including wild cats, polar bears and foxes. 

Ranua wildlife snow owl
Ranua wildlife park Finland wildlife
Rovaniemi Ranua zoo Otter
Ranua wildlife
Zoo Ranua polar bear

Finland is known for it’s cold winter weather and visiting an Arctic Zoo can be quite the adventure. However, there are quite a few areas where you can warm up by the fire or get away from the elements inside a hut. Be sure to bring some snacks and drinks to stay hydrated. 

Want to learn more about the animals? Download the free Ranua App (no wifi is needed). 

Ranua Zoo Finland
Ranua Zoo warming station
Arctic Zoo Finland warming huts

The Ranua zoo is certainly worth a visit and is a fun experience for families. The Ranua Wildlife Park has been open since 1983 and continues to work towards preserving local species in open and forested habitats. Consider visiting to help and support endangered species. 

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Ranua Wildlife Park: An Arctic Zoo
Ranua Wildlife Park: An Arctic Zoo

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