Things to do in Stuttgart with Kids

Top 10 things to do in Stuttgart with Kids

Top 10 Things to do in Stuttgart with Kids

Stuttgart is an amazing city in southern Germany, full of things for families to do. Sometimes it takes a bit of courage to head out to a place you’ve never been in a foreign country. Hopefully, my tips and tricks will help you enjoy some adventures out with the kids to explore the best of Stuttgart’s attractions, like the Stuttgart Zoo (Wilhelma) or the amazing playgrounds (spielplatz) . What are the best things to do in Stuttgart? With so many places to visit in Stuttgart, i’ll try to narrow it down to the top things to do in Stuttgart and why you should go. 

So here we go… Here are the best things to do in Stuttgart, Germany with kids! The Stuttgart Kids Edition!

Things to do in Stuttgart with Kids

This is one of the first places that I visited when I moved to Germany and one that I highly recommend if you visit Stuttgart. It is a fabulous green space located just north of downtown Stuttgart, Germany. Killesberg park is the place to visit on a beautiful day. It is also packed with tons to do, so plan to spend at least a few hours if not 1/2 a day. This is also a great first place to start when beginning your Stuttgart sightseeing. 

Höhenpark Killesberg near Stuttgart Germany
Höhenpark Killesberg in Stuttgart Germany

How to get there? 

We typically drive. So you can park along Stresemannstraße and walk into the park (uphill). Or my favorite, park in the neighborhood off Thomastraße, 70192 Stuttgart. We like this parking spot because you can head right into the park from a gate and it’s a relatively flat walk to the observation tower and then onto the playground area.

Höhenpark Killesberg Park entrance from side street parking
Höhenpark Killesberg Park Parking

What is there to do?

 Killesberg park has everything! Multiple Biergartens, an observation tower, train ride around the park, carousel, huge playground, petting zoo, botanical gardens and more! Aren’t Stuttgart parks some of the best? You certainly won’t find this much fun for free in the US! 

The train is located in the southern section of the park, closest to the Killesberg U-Bahn station. Pay for your ticket at the window, leave your stroller/wagon and enjoy a ride around the park. It does not make any stops, but it does give you a nice preview of the park and playground. 

The Killesberg observation tower is located in the Northwestern section of the park. Put your coins into the slot and climb up. The views are stunning of the city and surrounding park. 

Höhenpark Killesberg Park Train (Autobahn)
Höhenpark Killesberg Park Carousel

Killesberg park opening hours:

The park is open from dusk until dawn, but the attractions including the train are open from 10:30 am – 5:30 pm (shorter hours Mon/Tues/Thurs/Friday during school days: 2pm – 5:30 pm). Check the train website for details on when the train is running. 

What to bring?

This is a large park, so if you have small kids, bring a stroller or foldable wagon or baby carrier with multiple children. We also bring cash for food, coins for animal feed and coins to pay to climb the observation tower. Don’t forget sanitizing hand wipes after you feed the animals! There are bathrooms located by the playground, near the carousel and some biergartens. 

Check out some of our favorite products below:

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Höhenpark Killesberg Park Backerei
Höhenpark Killesberg Park Playground

2. Stuttgart Zoo (Wilhema Zoologisch)

We were frequent visitors to the Stuttgart zoo. Even in various weather types, there is plenty of indoor and outdoor attractions to keep everyone happy. It was one of our favorite Stuttgart for kids attractions. Wilhema Zoo also has events throughout the year like dressing up in costume around Halloween for free entrance and fun decorations throughout the zoo. 

Things to do in Stuttgart with Kids

How to get to the Stuttgart zoo park?

 I usually drive because I live down by Tubingen and it would be too many connections via the train, but there are two stops just in front (Wilhelma) and to the side of the zoo (Rosensteinbrücke). If you drive, there is a large parking garage. It is to the left of the entrance and a bit hard to find with all the construction. Here is the address for the Stuttgart zoo parking. I recommend arriving early because, on busy days, the parking does fill to max capacity. Make sure you keep your ticket so you can pay before you exit.

Once you’ve parked, follow the zebra stripes to exit the parking garage and turn left to head towards the ticket windows. If you don’t want to interact or you feel nervous speaking German, you can use the automated ticket machines. Then show your ticket and you’re in! The current Stuttgart zoo ticket price is 20 euros for adults and 8 euros for kids (6-17 years old), under 6 is free. There are discounted evening/winter tickets. 

What is there to do? 

Animals! The zoo can be a bit confusing when you first enter, so grab a map, or check out their website for suggested tours around the park. We typically went in a counterclockwise direction. For example, this path is great for strollers with no stairs along the way.

Highlights for us included the various monkey exhibits (located inside and outside), the playgrounds scattered throughout the park, the sea lions, penguins, African animals and the petting zoo located at the back of the park.

Click here for the Wilhelma zoo map.

Penguins at the Wilhelma zoo. Expansive zoo & botanical gardens in 19th-century, former royal park with Moorish-style buildings.
Monkeys at the zoo in Stuttgart. Expansive zoo & botanical gardens in 19th-century, former royal park with Moorish-style buildings.

Unlike some zoo’s we have visited, we were always able to see tons of animals and most were quite active during our visits. 

What to bring?

The Stuttgart Zoo is a large park and very family friendly, so if you have small kids, bring a stroller or foldable wagon. Also bring cash for food, snacks on the go and a picnic if you don’t want to buy food from the two restaurants onsite. 

Where to eat? 

There are two major restaurants and a few food stands throughout the zoo. The restaurant located towards the front of the park is a favorite due to its kid-friendly indoor play space. There is a small fenced area on the inside towards the back left of the restaurant (near the restrooms). Food is German style and buffer. Grab what you want from the buffet, pay at the cashier and clean up your dishes when you are done with the tray holders scattered around the restaurant.

Typically during our visits, we are 1/2 way through the zoo before hunger strikes and we are ready to eat. So we eat at the restaurant located towards the back of the zoo (near the petting zoo). The restaurant in the back of the zoo is similar to the one in the front with a buffet style set up with German fare. There is plenty of indoor and outdoor seating options with high chairs and there are little outdoor play spaces where the older kids can play within eye shot. 

If you don’t want to pay for food, feel free to bring a picnic, there are no restrictions on bringing food into the park and there are plenty of tables and grassy areas to eat. 

Check their website for special events. Last year they let kids in free for Halloween if they dressed up and the zoo was decorated for the occasion. 

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3. Animal Park: Wildpark Pforzheim & Nymphaea Zoo (Esslingen)

This is a fun alternative to a zoo when you visit Stuttgart and where your children can feed animals and get lots of interaction. We frequently visited both Pforzheim and Nymphaea as day trips. They both feature playgrounds, a Biergarten, and some parking. The parks are small enough to explore in a morning before nap time or pair with other fun attractions in the area for a full day adventure. 

**Both websites are in German, so open them in chrome and the websites should ask you if you’d like to translate the pages. **

Wildpark Pforzheim:

This it is the larger of the two animal parks. In my opinion, it is a bit more rustic, but also larger if you need something to occupy the kids for at least 1/2 a day. It features a variety of animals to feed, a petting zoo, playground, small biergarten at the entrance and flat dirt paths for strollers and wagons. 

How to get there?

 There are 3 large parking areas which is nice because you’ll likely drive since it is located 30 minutes from Vaihingen. Again, we like to arrive early to get a good parking spot and avoid the crowds. Around 10 am was typically a good time unless it was a kindi holiday or nice weekend. Parking also opens up in the afternoon around 3 pm, but you might have to circle the parking lots on kindi holidays or weekends. Bring coins to pay for parking, the parking machine DOES NOT give change. It is 3 Euro per car Mon-Fri (3 hours) and 5 Euros per car Sat, Sun and public holidays (3 hours). We usually stayed longer than 3 hours without any difficulty with paying again. Once you’ve parked, paid for parking and placed the ticket inside your car, head over to the entrance.

What is there to do? 

Visiting the animals! When you first arrive, you’ll see the bathrooms located to your right and a Biergarten to your center and left. Continue walking and you’ll see a small wooden building (if the door is open, you can buy boxes of food here). If it is closed, walk over to the dispensing machines. You have to use a 2 euro coin, that’s the only option. There are cups to put the feed into. TIP: bring a bucket or container for your child to easily carry and feed the animals from.

We usually grab our food and head into the petting zoo first. Then we head left up to the larger animals (you can feed the majority of these animals). We double back a bit after visiting with the Moose. You’ll see a path on your left (just before the playground area). This playground is best for the older kids, we stop at another playground towards the end of our visit for the little ones. You can stop and play for a bit before continuing down past the pigs and towards the Wildcats (one of our favorite areas). You can’t feed any of the Wildcats, but they are fun to spot in their cages. One year a mother cat had 3 little kittens and they were adorable and so fun to watch!

Then you can either walk behind the animals around the back or head back down past the pigs onto the main “road” down the center of the park. This will take you past the large enclosures with Bison, and various deer. You’ll end up down by the ponies. Take a right when you see the road in front of the ponies. This will bring you near the Highland Cattle and near the entrance to the children’s area. We like to keep this for the middle of the trip because the kids are most excited about this area. You’ll be able to feed the sheep, rabbits, guinea pigs and a few other animals, so make sure you still have some food left (or buy more at the vending machines).

Enter the children’s area and park your stroller. There are logs to help the little ones peer over the fencing. Make sure to note the green (ok to feed) and red (please don’t feed) signs. There is also a cute wooden train to climb around on.

Once you exit, you can either head to the smaller children’s playground (spielplatz) or head to the Biergarten. The Biergarten is a favorite for lunch with ice cream on a warm day. There is plenty of outdoor seating and some covered and indoor seating.

Spielplatz Stuttgart

Go up to the window to order. It’s typical German food. Then you’ll wait at the pickup window for your order. When you are finished eating, return your tray and your bottles for your pfand. (Pfand is a deposit on the dishes, bottles, and tray.)

Check out the park map here.

What to bring? 

I’d suggest a stroller or foldable wagon. The terrain is a bit uneven in areas, but not terrible if you want to bring an umbrella stroller. We like larger strollers just for the ability to pack snacks and hold the food containers. The park is mostly tree cover, but bring sunscreen on a sunny day or a hat.


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Nymphaea Zoo (Esslingen)

This is another fun animal park. It is smaller, much more compact and doesn’t have many close parking spaces, so heads up. However, it is easier to navigate and great for a quicker trip. It is also located 30 minutes away from the Vaihingen area. When my mom friends were looking at what to do in Stuttgart, this wildpark was always on my list because it’s a great mix of family fun. 

Things to do in Stuttgart with Kids - Stuttgart, Germany-6

How to get there? 

Another place to drive to. I’m sure you can also figure out public transportation, we just didn’t rely on the train system much. There is parking for perhaps 20 cars along Nymphaeaweg. The park opens at 9 am, so I would plan to arrive as close to that time as possible. The “zoo” is located on an island, so if you don’t find parking, you’ll have to turn around, head back down the road and find parking elsewhere (which will include a bit of a walk).

What is there to do?

 Interaction with animals, playground, Biergarten and information to learn more about animals. There is a cost to enter, it is free for children under 6 years of age and 3-4 euro (depending on the time of year) for adults. You can also purchase food to feed the animals. I’d only buy one box because they don’t seem to consume as much as at Pforzheim. It is mostly a one-way path around the animal encounters. You’ll make a counter-clockwise path around the pond with a few one-way walkways to visit animals.

After your visit with the animals, you can grab food at the Biergarten and let the children enjoy playing on the playground. Another great place to spend a beautiful day outside.

What to bring?

 If your children are older and enjoy walking, you’d be ok without a stroller. But younger kids will enjoy getting in and out as they see animals. The paths are easy to navigate and there aren’t any stairs to contend with.

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Tierpark Nymphaea

4. Traumland (Traumland auf der Bärenhöhle)

Traumland was a favorite of ours before our son turned 3. It was the perfect “beginning” theme park and caters to smaller children, allowing them to ride and enjoy almost all of the attractions. Another bonus, kids are free until they turn 3!

Things to do in Stuttgart with Kids - Stuttgart, Germany-31

How to get there? 

You’ll need a car. It’s almost an hour drive from the Vaihingen area. There is plenty of parking, but the early bird gets the best parking and the ability to check out the park before the crowds (especially on the weekends). Parking is free.

What is there to do? 

This park is wonderful because it features fairytales, rides, attractions, playgrounds and (Looks like the pony rides are gone and there is a new kart track to explore).

Once you park, you’ll head up the hill to the entrance (curve left around the playground and up to the right). Pay for your entrance ticket and then enter under the gate. You have two options: continue right through the fairytale forest (typical path) OR head left towards the rides (skipping the long path through the fairytale). We took the right-hand path a couple of times, but then our frequent visits made us head left to catch the rides and start the fun.

Like I said before, most of the park is accessible for smaller kids. Included a train ride, small “roller coaster”, Ferris wheel, playground zones, water play area, and more. There are a few rides for older kids: water ride (ages 4 and older), carpet slide (although we saw parents taking their children at much younger ages and so did we), larger roller coaster located near the smaller one, slingshot (boat ride), and the pedal car track.

Where to eat?

 One of the best parts about Germany is the great food options available at the parks or the ability to bring in your own food. Traumland is no exception. There are quite a few food options and they are huddled around the center of the park. Our favorite was a crepe stand where you could get savory crepes with ham and cheese, as well as small pizzas. They also have the typical German fare. If you need an indoor option, there is a building with a cafe/bakery and it features a soft play zone in the back. Otherwise, you can find a table near the large playground area where you can (hopefully) eat in peace while the kids play.

Things to do in Stuttgart with Kids - Stuttgart, Germany-33

What to bring?

 You’ll want a stroller or carrier for the little ones (for ease of hopping on and off rides). It is mostly dirt paths and doable with strollers of varying types. If you don’t want to buy food, bring a picnic and plenty of drinks to stay hydrated.

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5. Barefoot Park: Barfusspark Hallwangen

A Bafusspark is one of the unique places to visit in Stuttgart. So jump in with both feet! Feel the different textures of wood, stones, bark mulch, grass, glass and water with your feet. You’ll experience multiple sensations varying from warm, moist, dry, pleasant, stimulating and invigorating. This should top your list for things to do with kids in Stuttgart because it is so unique!

How to get there?

 This particular barefoot park is about an hours drive from the Vaihingen area. So it would be another location where driving is the best. You’ll want to put this address into your GPS for navigation purposes. There are multiple parking areas. Bring 4 euro in coins to pay the machine (cards are not accepted). No dogs allowed either.

What is there to do?

 This is something really unique to the Stuttgart area, a barefoot park. So yes, prepare to take your shoes off, walk on the paths of multiple textures and enjoy the beautiful scenery along the way. I’d consider this a family adventure since you’ll be carrying (or walking slowly) with any little ones. It is seasonal and only open from May till October. I’d recommend going on a nice warm day because the water is really cold and walking barefoot can be chilly on cooler days.

When you arrive, head to the locker area, bring a coin (1 euro deposit) for the locker too. Take your shoes off, store any items you don’t want to carry. Bring a backpack for any extra items like snacks, water and children’s items you may need along the way. Once you’ve stored your items make a suggested donation of 2 euro per person to enjoy the park and then head left to begin the path.

Along the way, you’ll encounter obstacles, various textures, water pools, trampolines, and paths. There are two routes, a shorter loop and a longer loop (consider the ages of your children). The longer loop includes a pit of mud, so if that’s part of the plan, take the longer loop.

Even my husband (with his sensitive feet) did well on the path. This was also a fun activity for visiting family since it is unique to Germany.

When you are finished, head over to the foot washing station, dry your feet and then grab your locker items and head over to eat or back to the car.

Where to eat?

 There is a Biergarten at the entrance and eventual exit. It’s simple food and has limited hours, but a good alternative. Otherwise, you can find food in the towns surrounding the park. There are a few doner shops open if you plan your visit on a Sunday.

What to bring? 

You’ll need a baby carrier (that you don’t mind getting dirty) for little ones that can’t walk and also a spare set of clothing (they will get messy). Towels to clean and dry your feet.

Things to do in Stuttgart with Kids - Stuttgart, Germany-18

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Indoor playgrounds aren’t usually Stuttgart tourist attractions , but honestly we love letting our son let loose and just be a kid. These are two options for indoor parks that are close to the Stuttgart area. There are a few that are a bit further of a drive, such as TobiDu Indoorspielplatz and Kikolino. I will focus on just the two originally mentioned since they were the most frequented by us and closest to the area. An indoor playground in Stuttgart is a much needed during the cold Winter days and the rainy Spring. Here are some great indoor play area ideas:


Indoor play area for kids

How to get there?

 It was easy to drive to Sensapolis and the parking lot is large and free. You can park directly near the entrance for easy access.

Once you enter the doors, you’ll arrive at the ticket desks. Here are some tips: if you don’t like paying 20.50 euros per person over the age of 4, then come at 4:30 pm and stay until they close (7:30 pm) for only 11 euros. We did this multiple times, especially before my son turned four and it was an awesome deal. Another alternative, get a yearly pass for 99 euros. This is a steal when the admission price for one visit is already 20.50 euros. You can even pay for one day’s admission and then upgrade to the yearly pass for a discount (20.50 off the 99 euro price). Both my husband and I grabbed annual passes, our son was free and we went all the time. Perfect for super warm days, rainy days and winter weather escapes.

What is there to do? 

This is a massive indoor playground area. I’ve never seen anything like it in the over 20 countries we have visited. It is extremely clean, well staffed, organized and maintained. There are also great party rooms and areas for a kids birthday party, inquire about the cost and options. 

There are lockers (bring a 1 euro or 2 euro coin deposit) to store your belongings. We would actually ditch our shoes from the very beginning and just run around in socks. Keep at least one entrance card on you to pay for any drinks or meals you choose. Then you’ll pay the balance when you leave and check-out.

Best area for little kids: there is a toddler area on the second floor off to the left of the spaceship. Go up the ramp and you’ll run into it. Another great area is over to the far right when you enter. In the back, you’ll find a water play zone, pirate ship, and ball shooter climbing zone.

Things to do in Stuttgart with Kids - Stuttgart, Germany-64
Plenty of indoor activities for kids.

Some families don’t like Sensapolis with little ones, I’d disagree. There is so much to do and see. You’ll want to avoid the busiest times to visit and it is a massive park, so pretty difficult with multiple children and only one parent. But evenings and right as they open on the weekends (for the first hour or so) are perfect.

Best area for older kids: the spaceship with the daring slides, ball shooter with its climbing area, ride on tractors, science zone and the castle with its interactive rooms.

Things to do in Stuttgart with Kids - Stuttgart, Germany-59
Indoor Playground (Stuttgart)
Water Play Zone

Where to eat?

 We enjoyed the food service at the restaurant. We typically ordered their Asian fare with vegetables, rice or noodles and your choice of meat. The slushies were also a bonus with super sweaty kids. Bonus: if you become a member, you get a free huge slushie or a coffee and cake for your birthday.

What to bring? 

You’re not supposed to bring outside food, but no one is checking your bag. Just don’t be obvious or occupy a table with your picnic displayed. There are ample bathrooms and water fountains. Just bring socks.

Multiple slide and play areas
Art area (check hours)

*Read more about Sensapolis on Tripadvisor!

How to get there?

 Bambilicious is located in Leinfelden-Echterdingen. Easy access to public transportation if that is what you prefer. If you drive, you’ll have to find street/neighborhood parking. Be sure to note the signs that say stickers are required to park on the street. Rewe is also an option across the street.

What is there to do?

 It is an indoor playground for smaller children, I’d say best for the 4 and under crowd unless you have a timid 5-year-old. It features a ball pit, double slide, block building zone, trampoline, and climbing zones. Babies and toddler can enjoy a separate zone with age-appropriate toys. There are also games, puzzles and a wall for chalk art. In addition, there are ride on toys, a baby swing, and rocker.

Things to do in Stuttgart with Kids - Stuttgart, Germany-84
Plenty of things to do for kids to keep them busy!

The main attraction for this indoor playground is the ability to catch up with friends and enjoy a coffee while the children play within sight. My mom friends and I frequented this indoor playground because of those factors.

You pay at the end of your visit at the cash register located in the cafe. During busy times, it is recommended to make a reservation so you can secure your time to play and not be disappointed.

There is a nice bathroom with a changing station. Free diapers and wipes. BONUS!

They also have great packages for children’s birthday parties or private events (as low as 12 euro per child).

Check their website for up to date pricing and details. I’d also like them on facebook to be aware of closing weeks (family vacations).

*Use Chrome to open their website in order to get it translated*

What to eat? 

You aren’t allowed to bring outside food. They make their money by selling coffee/tea/drinks and offering lunch style items.

What to bring?

 Socks for the kids, there is a small parking area for strollers and cubbies to store items before you walk in.

7. Biergartens

Oh man! The Biergartens. They are quintessential Germany! When someone is headed to Germany in the warmer months, and they ask what to do in Stuttgart, I always recommend the biergartens. We loved Biergarten season and liked to bounce around to the different ones. These three biergartens should be in your Stuttgart top 10 list due to their kid-friendly playgrounds and easy to reach locations. 

Things to do in Stuttgart with Kids - Stuttgart, Germany-88

How to get there?

 Easy to access in Leinfelden-Echterdingen. There is a large car park (but it fills up quickly) and public transportation nearby.

Why do we like it? 

You’ll hear about this Biergarten frequently. We love it because the playground area is located at the back of the Biergarten and is surrounded by fencing (no escaping little ones)! We are able to find a table close by to keep an eye on things while they play and we enjoy a beer.

The food area is easy to access through the turnstile. You’ll order, wait for your item (or get a buzzer) and then once you have everything, head to the check-out to pay. Make sure to pop the top of your drinks with the can openers at the end of the check-out.

What to eat? 

Our favorites include the flatbread pizza (flammkuchen), pulled pork sandwich, sweet potato fries, and roast pork with sauce and spaetzle.


What to bring?

 It’s rocky, so closed toe shoes are preferred, but certainly not required. I wouldn’t bring a stroller because it’s a pain to push it to the back of the Biergarten by the play area. However, if you must, it is doable.

There are sand toys in the sand area, but feel free to bring your own if you prefer. Wipes are also nice to quick hand wiping between playing and eating.

German family fun!
Swings area with slide in the back.

How to get there?

 Katzenbacher is located just outside Patch Barracks. You could actually walk there, which we did a few times with the dogs. There are parking lots located directly outside the entrance and also down the street when it is a busy weekend or an event.

Why do we like it? 

Katzenbacher has a little bit of everything. It is much for laid back and a simple menu. We like the animals (bunnies, bison?), the kids playgrounds with large sand play zone and field to run and play. Dogs are welcome if you have them with you and they will host events (such as the soccer games this past year). 

Outdoor activities for kids.
Large sand area to play.

What to eat?

 This place has typical German fare and it’s pretty simple. We usually stick with the maultaschen and the warm bratwurst with a pretzel. On weekends and event days, they have a special side menu where you order inside and then pick up outside. Items like steak and flammkuchen.

What to bring? 

No sand toys are provided, so if your children like to play in a sandbox, bring those. There is a large grassy area, so bringing a ball would be ideal.

Things to do in Stuttgart with Kids - Stuttgart, Germany-79

How to get there?

 This place is tucked up in a neighborhood, not far from Vaihingen. There is a small parking lot for maybe 20-25 cars (with some tandem spots if you are meeting up with friends).

Why do we like it? 

We really like the vibe of this Biergarten. It is laid back, full of German families and has lots of space for people to enjoy a nice meal. The playground area is huge and in the center with lots of tables surrounding it, making it easy to keep an eye on your kids.

Go up to the window to order your food and pay. You’ll grab your drinks and salads (if ordered) and then find a table. There are digital boards where your order number will pop up when it is ready for pick up.

What to eat?

 There isn’t really a stand out meal here. It is typical German fare and all of it is pretty good. We like to try their “daily dish” which changes. You’ll find it on the black chalkboard sign or you can ask.

What to bring? 

There are some sand toys for the kids to use, but we typically bring some items. There is also a large grassy area if you want to bring a ball.

Things to do in Stuttgart with Kids - Stuttgart, Germany-80

8. Playgrounds

There are so many fabulous playgrounds in Stuttgart. I love driving around a town searching for the next new playground to discover. I’ll include some of my favorites at various locations with a brief description. What are your favorite parks in Stuttgart? Feel free to comment if you have another one that you’d like me to add. If you’d ever asked yourself the question: What to do in Stuttgart on Sunday? The German playgrounds are always open and each one is unique! Some of our favorites include water pumps because what kid doesn’t like a good ole’ water pump to get messy. 

Stadt Park

Fun in Stuttgart!

How to get there?

 Herrenberger Str. 18, 70563 Stuttgart, Germany. Find parking on the street or walk from public transportation options.

What is there to do?

 This is one of the first playgrounds we found. It is right across from the Pullman hotel and walking distance from our long-term rental when we arrived.

We love this playground for the water play area, plastic wiggly bridge to try and cross, the climbing zones and circular swing zone.

What to bring? 

Bring a change of clothes or water play clothing to let the kids really enjoy themselves. Snacks and drinks are always a good idea for busy little people. There is also lots of green space for a picnic. We also bring sand toys in this awesome bag (lets all the sand fall through, but the toys stay in).

Holzgerlingen Parke/Playground

Things to do in Stuttgart with Kids - Stuttgart, Germany-95

How to get there? 

There is a small parking area down by the playground and sports park area.

What is there to do? 

This is a large park with a skate park, zip line, a soccer field, rock climbing zone, massive slides, sandbox, and traditional wooden playground.

What to bring? 

Sandtoyspicnic blanket to enjoy a seat in the grass (there are benches). Also bring a soccer ball if the kids like to play.

Spielplatz Sommerhofenpark

How to get there? 

Seestraße 17, 71063 Sindelfingen. *Use this address to locate parking, then walk across the field and the playground is tucked in the trees off the path.

What is there to do?

 This is a favorite for its huge climbing net, double-decker water play area, multiple pumps and the ability to create “rivers”, wiggly step climb and lots of sand. It is usually well shaded on a busy day and a great spot to meet up with friends because it is pretty condensed.

What to bring?

 Sand toys, buckets for water, water play clothing and a change of clothing. We also pack sunhats as added protection.

9. Pools/Freibads

We have two favorites: Sindelfingen indoor and outdoor pool and the Filderado complex. We love the pools in Germany for their family-friendly atmosphere. There are so many pools in the Stuttgart area, but these are the two that we frequented the most and hopefully, my tips will make your pool adventure less confusing. The freibads are some of the best places for kids in Germany because they have a little bit of something for everyone from slides to wading pools and large open swimming area. 

How to get there? There are multiple large parking areas for both the indoor and outdoor areas. The parking area at the top of the hill is the closest to the indoor area. You’ll walk into the complex, pay your entrance fee (given a card) and enter through the turnstile. There are multiple changing rooms, we use the first row (family rooms). You have to enter a changing room in order to get to the lockers. Use your card to lock the locker and then head into the shower/bathroom area.

Make sure to shower before you enter the pool, it is a hygiene standard.

Accessing the OUTDOOR pools: There is a separate entrance just down the hill. You’ll see two parking areas to the left and right of the road. Just passed the bicycle parking, you’ll see a building with a ticket window. Pay your entry and off you go. There are ramps down (next to the stairs) for wheelchairs and strollers. Continue around the second building for another ramp.

You can exit from the side when you are ready to leave through the turnstile.

What is there to do?

 The indoor pool features a wonderful toddler/kid play area on the left. We love the water play zones, slide, and low water depth. The water is also heated to a comfortable temperature.

In addition, there are two larger pools. One for lap swimming with diving boards. The other pool is great for community swimming.

The OUTDOOR pool has an abundance of play zones. The kid’s area features a river with blocking tiles, two kids pools with slides, water features and umbrellas for extra shade. Located nearby is a large pirate ship with sand play, in-ground trampolines, a hill with water pumps that flow down to dammable trays and sand areas.

There is also a large family pool with larger slides, water spray platforms, and bubble zones. It is located towards the center of the outdoor pool area.

Things to do in Stuttgart with Kids - Stuttgart, Germany-74

Down the hill is an Olympic sized pool with multiple diving boards. You’ll also see a long meandering slide down the hill. A fun slide for families to go together or older children. It does have a bit of a push at the end of the slide if you decide to go with your toddler. I’d recommend trying it out alone first.

Where to eat? 

There aren’t any food options in the indoor pool. You can bring food to eat outside the pool on the deck.

The outdoor pool has a restaurant at the back left near the courts and sand volleyball areas. It has typical German fare with a few tables to enjoy your meal. You can also grab and walk it back to your area, but it’s often hard to carry all the food without paying a pfand for a tray.

What to bring? 

For the indoor pool, you’ll just need your typical pool bag (suits, towels). I’d also bring some pool toys and floatation device for little ones.

For the OUTDOOR pool, bring a blanket to sit in the grass, perhaps a sunshade (but there are plenty of trees) and any toys you’d like. We bring our sand toys and awesome bag (the sand falls out and the toys stay in).

How to get there? 

There is a large parking area for easy access to the entrance. There is a digital board to help you locate a spot and tell you when a lot is full. You can see the digital board as you enter.

Head towards the entrance and get your digital bands. Each adult receives a band. You’ll use this band to enter the facilities, open/close your lockers, and purchase food/drinks.

It is a family style changing area. You can access the lockers directly or use a changing room. Then you’ll split up by gender into the shower/bathrooms. Both genders will exit back into the main stairwell. Take this stairwell down to the pool area. Please make sure you shower before entering.

What is there to do?

 It is a large complex. Around the stairwell to the left is the kid’s zone. You’ll see various pools with a small slide. There are fun Lego’s to play with and some interactive water wall displays. The water features rotate through the bubbler, dolphin water shooter and kids “hot tub”.

Straight ahead as you exit the stairwell is the wave pool, deep pool with a side “lazy river” and the entrance to the two slides. The wave pool and the “lazy river” rotate. The two tube slides and the intense drop slide are located in the back corner.

The best part about Fildorado are the tube slides. The slide on the left, you are able to sit with your child for the ride. Try it out before you decide to go, but it’s rather slow and you can lift them up towards the end for a fun wet ride. The slide on the right is darker, best with a tube and has a waterfall at the end. It wasn’t as preferred for my little one, but another option.

You can also enjoy racing your family down the slide with the fun timer. Who can go the fastest?

Around the right from the stairwell is the Olympic pool (mostly for swimming laps) and then a nice warm saltwater pool that leads to the outside. This is a fun pool year-round.

Where to eat? 

Fildorado has a nice restaurant area behind the stairwell. The food was always good, especially the daily special. My son seemed to always locate the shark sugar cookie.

You can also bring food into the pool area. We attended a few birthday parties with homemade cakes, sandwiches, drinks and more.

What to bring? 

Bring the typical pool items. They do have arm floats if you forget your children’s, located near the staff area in a large bin. We like to bring a few pool toys to keep things interesting.

10. Ludwigsburg

The Ludwigsburg palace rounds out my top 10 Stuttgart attractions for kids. The pumpkin festival was one of my favorite fun things to do in Stuttgart Germany and it takes place every Fall at the Ludwigsburg Palace. In addition, the palace grounds feature whimsical gardens, complete with hidden treasures like a maze and animated fairy tales. Don’t miss the boat ride (included) or the train ride (extra fee). 

How to get there?

 You can either take public transportation or drive. I like parking off Mömpelgardstraße, 71640 Ludwigsburg. There is a long row of parking areas with a pay machine. It does fill up in the morning, so arrive early.

We like this side location because there is also a great entrance here. Saves walking through the gardens. The side location is also a ticketed machine. Scan your ticket and enter via a turnstile (big enough for strollers).

What is there to do?

 At first, I wasn’t sure what Ludwigsburg offered other than the palace (which we knew wasn’t going to happen with a toddler). Then we discovered the amazing children’s garden!

Tip: It’s best to enter the garden from right outside the palace (down the treed path to your right). This will allow a downhill path, you’ll thank me!

Even during the famous Ludwigsburg pumpkin festival, we still take the path through the children’s garden to play before we make our way onto the grounds for the official festival and a delicious lunch (more on that soon).

Here is the path we take:

Head down the treed path down to the large pond with a fountain. Once you make it to the pond (or just before), take a left and follow the path down through the fairytale displays. Soon you’ll see an entrance into a labyrinth/maze. It has a really fun surprise when you make it into the center. Just outside the maze, there is a donkey that will spit out chocolate coins if you insert a few coins. A fun surprise.

Continue to meander downhill on the path. Follow the signs if you have a stroller so you don’t have to deal with the stairs. The fairytale exhibits are scattered along the way but are all in German (including the signs). As you reach the bottom, you’ll notice a cute boat ride. It is free and included with your ticket. Park your stroller and jump in line. Two adults and two children can enjoy a boat ride together. Next to the boat area is another fun “throne” where you can sit and enjoy a fun water show.

If you want to pay a little bit for a train ride, continue further into the back of the park. If not, head out near the water throne/boat area into the main area for the festivals.

The pumpkin (Kürbis) festival is a favorite! The displays are truly amazing and beautiful. Be sure to walk around the whole area to see them all. There are wooden boardwalks set up for strollers/wheelchairs to have ease of access.

In addition, they set up various tents for food options. The pumpkin spaetzle is really good! So is the pumpkin prosecco. I’m not a huge pumpkin fan, but I thought the food was a good balance of pumpkin and flavor.

*Read more about Ludwigsburg on Tripadvisor!

Q & A:

  • What are the best activities to do with children when visiting Stuttgart?
      • My favorite is Killesberg park because it is close to the city and features all of our favorite things to see and do. Start with a train ride around the park, then meander through the gardens on the way over to the playground. Feed the animals after your park visit and then grab a warm waffle with powdered sugar while the kids enjoy a ride around the carousel. Hike to the top of the tall observation deck and then linger for a later lunch or dinner at one of the many biergartens. 
  • What are some nice fun things to do with my better half while visiting Stuttgart Germany?
      • Many of the options work great with or without kids. I’d recommend a romantic stroll along the barfuss walk hand in hand and then a nice biergarten to enjoy the slower pace of life that Germany features. 
  • Should I relocate to Stuttgart Germany?
      • Yes! Our years in Stuttgart have been some of the best! With so many family friendly activities inside the city and a short distance from Stuttgart, it is easy to see why the city is perfect for families. 
  • What are some of the popular things to do in Stuttgart for free?
      • I was impressed with the amount of free activities for families. Killesberg park is free to enjoy a stroll as well as a playground visit (train, feeding the animals and observation tower are a small fee). The playgrounds around the city and beyond are all free. 
      • The barfuss park is free (parking and locker storage have a small fee). 
      • I’d also recommend strolling around the Schlossplatz and adjacent garden. 
  • What is it like to live in Stuttgart Germany for families? 
      • It is fabulous! German families put an importance on getting outside into nature, slowing down the pace of life and making sure children are included in all festivals and events. You’ll find a wide variety of activities, kindis (preschools for children) and places that cater towards children. 
  • What are the best places to visit in Stuttgart Germany with kids? 
      • I think something that Germany has that not many other countries have are biergartens. There is nothing better than being able to enjoy a meal while the children play close by. I’ve recommended three above with amazing playgrounds and the food is equally as great!
  • Whats the best way to spend one day in Stuttgart with the family?
      • Oh, this is a tricky one, but I’d focus on the city. I would start in Stuttgart at Poffers Cafe for a quick breakfast and then explore Europe’s longest pedestrian shopping street, Königstraße. Continue exploring until you reach Schlossplatz. From here you’ll be in the center of the historic district. Let the kids run around the plaza with the Jubilee Column at the center  and the New Palace, built as the residence for the Kings of Württemberg in the 18th century. It is now a government building, but the Baroque Palace is beautiful to admire. Feeling hungry to lunch? Pop into Carls Brauhaus for a lovely German meal. After lunch, make your way over to St. Johns Church to admire it’s reconstructed spires and bell tower. Finally, end the day with the kids at Killesberg Park with it’s playgrounds, train, biergartens and climbing tower. 
  • What do people do in Stuttgart on Sundays with kids?
      • One of the hardest things about moving to Stuttgart is adjusting to the slow pace on Sundays. All the shops are closed, including malls and grocery stories. However, don’t fret! There is almost always a festival or event happening! If not, the biergartens are open in the “summer season”, the indoor and outdoor play spaces are open on Sundays and you can find a restaurant or two open. 
  • What are some guides that can help me explore Germany? How about children’s books?
      • There are so many fabulous guides, but Rick Steves is my favorite, so I highly recommend that one because he takes the time to slow travel and get to know the areas that he recommends with personal recommendations. I’ve also added some fun children’s books that help get your kids excited about Germany. 

So that’s the Top 10 Things to Do in Stuttgart with kids. One of the best things about living in the area is all the amazing Stuttgart attractions to explore! Feel free to leave me a comment or message if you have any questions. What are your favorite things to do in Stuttgart? Want some ideas for the best day trips from Stuttgart, head over to my post!

Want to read more about our travels, including tons of European adventures, head over to my destinations page to check out my interactive map! I also have a huge guide to all the places that we’ve travel to Europe, so check that out for some great tips, ideas on where to go and more!

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