Diggerland USA: What is Diggerland? Diggerland is the only construction themed adventure park in all of North America. Diggerland offers a little something for everyone, but you have to keep in mind that all of Diggerland's rides require a minimum of 36" (sometimes 42") to participate.

Top Tips When Visiting Diggerland USA: A Construction Theme Park in New Jersey where Adults and Kids can play!

Top Tips When Visiting Diggerland USA: A Construction Theme Park in New Jersey where Adults and Kids can play!

Looking for a unique place to take kids who love construction vehicles? Or perhaps the kid in us all wants to drive a digger, fly around in a bucket truck or experience what it is like to drive a skid steer. Well look no further! Diggerland  New Jersey has something for everyone!

A one of a kind construction theme park where you get to drive all the big machinery. I’ll give you all the insider information to make sure you have the perfect day at Diggerland NJ. A huge thanks to Diggerland for the complimentary tickets during our mother/son trip. As always, my thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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Planning your trip to Diggerland USA? Be sure to read the tips below to make the most of your time at this fun construction amusement park. I’ll tell you which rides are best for each age and what you can and can’t bring to the park. Let’s start with the basics about tickets, where Diggerland is located and some rules you should know. 

  • Where should I buy my Diggerland tickets?

      • You can purchase tickets at the gate, but I highly suggest purchasing tickets online to save a bit of cash. Diggerland offers discounts for AAA members, Active Duty Military and First Responders, and even good grades!
      • Check the Diggerland USA website for current offers and promotions. 
      • Seniors over 65 and children under 36″ are free
      • Save even more by checking for online coupons, Groupon and Certified Kid deals.
  • Where is Diggerland located?

      • Diggerland USA is located in Berlin, NJ about 35 minutes outside Philadelphia, PA. Diggerland is also 3 hours north of DC, 2 hours from New York City and 2 hours from Baltimore
  • Any rules I should know? 

      • Diggerland NJ does not allow food or drinks inside their parks. You can bring one sealed water bottle per person. 
      • No smoking is allowed. 
      • No dogs are allowed, with the exception to service dogs (medical needs).
  • What age is best for the Diggerland Amusement Park? 

      • A child should be at minimum of 36″ to enjoy some of the park attractions. Siblings are welcome for free, but there are limited attractions for them to enjoy. 
      • If you want to take full advantage of the entire park, then your child should be at least 42″. 
construction amusement park
diggerland berlin nj

Tip #1: Beat the Heat!

The Diggerland Amusement park gets HOT in the summer. We were visiting on a 90 degree day and so we were certainly melting after a full day in the park. Here are some tips to enjoying the park on a warm summer day. 

  • Wear shorts or pants that cover your legs when you sit. The seats are black and get HOT. There were a few times that my legs were burning. An alternative is a small towel to sit on. 
  • Pack a reusable water bottle. There are a few water fountains located in the park. We like our insulated bottles and then grab a few flavor packets like these to make it taste great. 
  • Wear breathable clothing and locate the misters, water sprayers and fans. There are umbrellas and shade structures throughout the park, so try to take advantage. 
  • Grab your food and head into the air conditioned eating area. It’s located to the left of The Lunch Pail eatery. 
diggerland nj

Tip #2: Go Slow and Take Advantage of the Whole Park

It may seem like Diggerland is a small park, but it packs a punch with over 25 attractions to explore and enjoy. We tried our best to circle around the park, but on a weekday, the park was a bit slow to open and we had to back track a few times. 

  • There are so many fun vehicles to drive! We tried to alternate between driving vehicles and riding the rides or operating the diggers. 
  • Kids need a break from the lines? Check out the huge playground, the massive ropes course, rock wall or the play area at the entrance with duck runs, connect four XL or a gem mining zone (extra cost). 
  • Be sure to try all the various digger games. You can dig in the coal, knock over bowling pins, try to pick up ducks floating in the water or dig around in the sand. 
construction amusement park
diggerland nj

Tip #3: Need a bit of a thrill? Don’t miss these attractions!

If the kids are over 42″ you can ride all of the following attractions. You’ll have to check for kids between 36″ and 42″ because each ride is different. The following rides pack quite a bit of thrill. 

  • Soaring Eagle: New to the park in 2018, soaring eagle is a zip line ride where two guests can ride side by side as they are pulled 130 feet into the air and then fly back down to the ground on a 700 foot zip line. My heart dropped a few times while seated next to my four year old son with only a lap belt holding us in!
  • Spin Dizzy: Yes, it’s just like it sounds. You are seated into the bucket of a JCB JS220, lifted high into the air and then spun multiple times in both directions before you are finally returned to the ground. I’m a roller coaster fan, but this one made my stomach churn. 
  • Ropes Course: It’s one of the worlds tallest ropes courses, need I say more? Tackle your inner Tarzan and head up the stairs to multiple levels of ropes, balance beams and more. 
  • Sky Shuttle: This one is best for those that like heights. You’ll get some great views of the park when you are 50 feet up!

Tip #4: EXTRA EXTRA….Check out these Special Events!

Diggerland offers some really fun special events, especially in the summer! Check their website to make sure you plan accordingly. A little birdie also told me that weekdays are busy than weekends due to school and event groups. 

  • Mascot Mondays: Hang out with the Mascots and take photos. 
  • Truck Tuesdays: A weekly parade or touch a truck event. 
  • Wacky Arcade Wednesdays: Play in the arcade for 1/2 price (during certain times). 
  • Car Crush Thursdays: Watch an XL Digger smash a car!
  • Family Entertainment Fridays: Enjoy acts by magicians, musicians and more!
  • Saturday/Sunday: Various Events such as BMX stunt shows, Family Campouts, Parades and more!

They also host fun event throughout the year. We saw them setting up for Fall with activities pertaining to the season. 

construction theme park
diggerland usa locations

Tip #5: What Should I NOT Miss?

After exploring the whole park with my son, here are our favorite attractions!

  • Big Diggers and Mini Diggers: There is nothing more fun than operating a digger! We loved the various “games” we could play ranging from digging in sand/coal, knocking down bowling pins and attempting to catch some elusive ducks. 
  • Ground Shuttle: A laid back ride in a telescoping handler around the track. It’s a bumpy ride with nice views. 
  • Backhoe Adventure: I wished my son was a tad older to get to drive the backhoe, but the driver was kind enough to let him lift and lower the bucket after a bumpy ride around the dirty track. 
  • Excavator Express: Hop aboard the Diggerland Train for a nice preview of the park. The kids will be yelling out which attraction they want to visit first!
  • Various Vehicles to Drive: Pick your favorites to take a drive around the track. Fancy a tractor? Or a Skid Steer? How about Drum roller? You can take your pick!
  • Fun Extras: See if you can pull a full size or mini tractor! See who can win the most arcade games or buy your child a fun mini construction best. 
construction amusement park
diggerland theme park

What about the big kids? Tell me more!

Adults can pay to play in Diggerland XL with huge construction machines. Smash a car, stack tires and explore what it is really like to drive these machines. 

We got a bit of a preview of this area during the car smash on Thursday. There was an added bit of fun when the forklift got stuck and the other machines ran to it’s rescue 

diggerland theme park

Final Thoughts: Both my son and I had a really fun day at Diggerland USA. It is a unique amusement park that offers plenty of attractions to enjoy “playing” with construction equipment. We felt safe at all times, the staff was friendly and we feel like the park is a great value. Be sure to check it out!

 Feel free to leave me a comment or message if you have any questions. 

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