What to wear parasailing

What to Wear Parasailing: Head to Toe

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Have you booked a parasailing adventure and you aren’t sure what to wear? I’ve got you covered with the best clothing to wear parasailing, as well as tips on what NOT to wear.

Parasailing is an easy and fun activity to enjoy in the summer or year-round in warm-weather locations. Most companies allow children as young as three years old all the way up to adults in their 90’s to experience soaring hundreds of feet in the air overlooking the coastline. We enjoyed our first parasailing adventure in Costa Rica. You can read about it HERE.

What is Parasailing?

Parasailing is an activity where you wear a harness that is attached to a large parachute and you are pulled over the water attached to a boat with a long rope.

There are typically two types of take-offs. One is from the back of the boat where you are slowly cranked into the air while attached to a rope and then pulled back in the same way. The other is where you walk/jog along the beach and then you are lifted high into the air. You typically land in the ocean with the second option.

Parasailing in Costa Rica

When should I go parasailing?

I would recommend going during the summer months or in a country where the temperatures are 80’s and above. Any activity that involves water relies on warmer temperatures. You’ll also need clear skies for an enjoyable experience and to ensure safety.

What to wear parasailing?

You’ve booked your trip parasailing, now what do you wear? You’ll want clothing that is quick dry and lightweight. You will get wet!

Parasailing with my family in Costa Rica

Items typically provided

Each company is a bit different, but the majority provides a life jacket (mandatory for over water activities). You’ll also be provided a specially designed harness for parasailing.

Recommended Clothing

Base Layer: For the base layer, I recommend a comfortable bathing suit or quick-dry underwear. Since the majority of parasailing takes place on the beach, you’ll likely be enjoying a beach day, so a bathing suit is a perfect choice.

Top Layer: For guys, bathing suit bottoms are perfect. Then pair it with a quick-dry sports shirt or rash guard. For women, I recommend swim shorts (for a layer of protection from the harness) and then a quick-dry shirt or rash guard to protect against the sun and the life jacket.

Kids: You want to make sure they are covered to protect their skin from the sun, the harness, and the life jacket. I recommend a bathing suit with a cover-up for both girls and boys.

Here are our recommendations if you don’t have the proper gear.

Cooler weather gear: If you are parasailing from a boat and won’t have the risk of getting soaked, it can be a cooler weather option. Be sure to pair a windbreaker or rain jacket since the weather is much cooler high in the air.

Head Covering: This activity does not typically require a helmet, so I recommend a tight-fitting hat or a pair of sunglasses. Don’t forget to pair the sunglasses with a strap, so they don’t fall off.

Footwear: You can either go barefoot or wear a pair of quick-dry shoes. You DO NOT want shoes that will fall off….AKA, flip flops.

Do you like water sports? Check out our favorite quick dry shoes for rafting, kayaking and more!

Tech Gear: Like the majority of us, we like documenting all the fun we are having. I’m so glad I have a video of our son when we took off, it’s so sweet hearing his excitement. Check out that video below.

We flew with our Go Pro on a telescoping handle that included a wrist strap which we buckled into my husband’s lifejacket. This allowed us to get some ariel shots and videos. If you don’t want to spend the money on a Go Pro, here is the camera we purchased for our son that is similar to a Go Pro without the more expensive cost.

Video Captured with our Go Pro

If you want a simple option, bring your cell phone and purchase this cell phone pouch that is not only waterproof but also has a strap to hook into your life jacket for safekeeping. They come in a variety of colors.

Here are our favorite tech gear recommendations. We love our Go Pro and have used it countless times while white water rafting, zip-lining, waterfall rappeling and playing at the beach.

What should I avoid wearing?

With any water activity, you don’t want heavy cotton items like jeans that will weigh you down and become uncomfortable when wet. You also don’t want baggy clothing that will interfere with the buckles and clips on the harness.

I also don’t recommend tight-fitting or uncomfortable clothing. While parasailing, you’ll be seated in the same position as when you swing. The harness will sit just below your butt on your thighs, so I recommend having shorts that help to protect this area from rubbing on the harness.

Do NOT wear items that aren’t secured. That means no flip flops, phones tucked into your pockets, glasses without a strap, loose-fitting hats or expensive items such as hearing aids or jewelry.

If you want to bring your cell phone, make sure you have a cell phone pouch that is waterproof and has a strap to secure it to your lifejacket.

Common Sense

Parasailing is an extremely safe activity that is suitable for families, couples and singles. Wearing the proper clothing will ensure that you maximize the fun during your adventure. Otherwise, sit back and enjoy the ride. There is nothing better than flying high above the coastline.

We really enjoyed our first parasailing adventure as a family in Costa Rica. You can read about that experience with Aquas Azules here.

Feel free to ask any questions by contacting me, leaving a comment or finding me on Facebook or Instagram. I created this travel blog to help other families to explore the world with their kids and I hope I’ve inspired you. Want to read more? Head over to my destinations page and explore my interactive map, it’s pretty fun. Until next time!

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  1. I’m afraid I’ll drop my GoPro! Does that stick really work? If so what else can I do to ensure I don’t drop my gopro’

    1. I’m always worried about losing my gear too. Some sticks have a wrist strap for added protection, so we use those in addition. Hopefully that helps!

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