Santa Park Finland is a theme park near the city of Rovaniemi in Lapland. Santa Park is the underground home of Santa.

Santa Park: Santa’s Village Theme Park

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Exploring Santa Park: Santa's Village Theme Park in Lapland, Finland

Ready to maximize the Christmas and holiday fun? Want to ditch those winter clothes for a day and not have to worry about frozen noses and frostbite fingers? Head into the depths of an old bunker and discover the magic of Santa Park!

This Christmas theme park has it all, from elf school to cookie decorating, make a craft with elves or learn what it takes to be an Elf in Elf School! If that’s not enough, watch the elf acrobatics show, check out the ice sculptures, visit with Santa himself and more. I’ll cover everything you need to know about visiting Santa Park Lapland. 

Santa park Rovaniemi Finland
Santa park vs Santa Claus village

Full Disclosure: A dimly lit interior in the Santa Park is really difficult to photograph! I did my best, so I apologize for not having my typical amazing photos. 

Where is Santa Park Rovaniemi located? 

Santa Park arctic world is located 5.2 km (5 minutes by car) Northeast of Rovaniemi and 2.2 km (2 minutes by car) West of the Santa Claus Village. 

There is plenty of free parking located near the Santa Park. Or catch the Santa Express (Santa Park Bus)

When is Santa Park (Finland) open?

They are open in the summer from the end of June until Mid-August from 10 am – 5 pm (Closed Sunday)

In the Winter, they are open from mid-November until mid-January from 10 am – 5 pm (open till 4 pm on Christmas Eve). Open till 6 pm during peak season. 

How much does Santa Park cost?

17,50 € / adult 
15,00 € / child (3-12 years old) 
Under 3 years old: Free entrance

Combination tickets:
Adult entrance with lunch: 25 €
Child entrance with lunch: 20 €

Family ticket combos:
2 Adults & 2 Children (3-12): 55 €
2 Adults & 2 Children (3-12) with lunch: 84 

2 Adults & 4 Children (3-12): 75 €
2 Adults & 4 Children (3-12) with lunch: 116 €

WINTER SEASON 2019 – 2020

16 November – 30 November 2019
34,00 € / adult 
28,00 € / child (3-12 years old) 
Under 3 years old: Free entrance

1 December – 21 December 2019
35,00 € / adult 
29,00 € / child (3-12 years old)
Under 3 years old: Free entrance

22 December 2019 – 11 January 2020
36,00 € / adult 
30,00 € / child (3-12 years old) 
Under 3 years old: Free entrance

Santa Park vs. Santa Claus Village

This is one of the questions that I get asked the most about our trip and something that confused me as well. At first I didn’t realize that they were two separate parks! So let’s set the record straight. 

YES! They are two separate parks located about 2 km away from each other!

Santa Park or Santa Village? Should you visit both? Yes, I think so. They each offer something a bit different with a bit of overlapping. Santa Park is entirely indoors inside an old bunker. It features Elf School, cookie decorating, a crafting area, an attraction ride through a mystical Christmas wonderland, an area to visit Santa, as well as ice sculptures to delight the senses and daily shows on the stage. 

In contrast, the Santa Claus Village is an outdoor area with multiple buildings. It’s highlights are visiting Santa’s post office to mail your Christmas letters, the best Santa to visit in all of the area and then all the fun winter activities. 

I highly recommend visiting both because the Santa Claus Village and Santa Park each offer something different!

The Rovaniemi Santa park crafting area
Santa Claus Village in Lapland, Finland
Santa Claus Village

Santa Park Full Review

After spending the first few days at the Santa Claus Village and playing outside in the snow, we decided an inside day would be best. We hopped into our rental car and drove just down the street to the Santa Park. This is different from the village. It is an indoor theme park of sorts that is completely related to Christmas and all the cheer that surrounds it!

The Santa Park is inside an old bunker. It is a bit like entering Santa’s cave! You’ll be able to tell when you descend down a long wide hallway and past a set of huge blast-proof doors.It 

Santa park Finland Lapland
Santa Claus Park Finland
Santa park Finland Lapland bunker door

Once you pay and enter the park, you’ll see a series of hallways with different activities. In the center is the main stage with a nice show and a place to buy food. We thought the buffet lunch was quite nice.

1.Elf School: We really enjoyed this activity. Make sure you make note of the times when it takes place. You’ll gather in a hallway and the elves will explain that you’re going to Elf school. They ask the audience about the languages they speak and our group was a mix of English and Finnish. Then they open a secret tunnel that leads into the elf school area. So cute! We crept through the tunnel and found some seats on wooden stools. The elves taught the kids how to become elves and it was very interactive. Once we all graduated, we were given certificates and let back into the main hallway.

Elf School at Santa park
Elf School at Santa park

2.  Santa’s Office: Another opportunity to visit with Santa. We told our son that Santa likes to be close to where he is and loves to visit with him as much as he can. They will also let you take photos if you’d like, or you can purchase a photo after your visit.

Santa park Rovaniemi Lapland visit with Santa
Santa Park in Finland

3. Post Office: We explored the old typewriter and saw postcards, but didn’t purchase any since we had already mailed our postcards the day before. There was also an area where you could write a letter to Santa. Great for older kids. 

Santa Claus Office at Santa park Lapland

4. Elf Show: We decided to time a show with our buffet lunch. Show up 20 minutes before, grab some food and a table. We thought the elf show was excellent. It was a mix of silly elf, acrobatics, and storyline.

Elf Performance at Santa park arctic world
Elf Performance at Santa park arctic world

5. Elf Workshop: The activity varies, but the day we went, the kids were able to make an ornament. There were plenty of elves on hand to help the kids, plus examples hanging on the walls. At 3 years old, our son didn’t last very long, but I am sure children that are more art inclined would really love this activity.

The Rovaniemi Santa park crafting area
The Rovaniemi Santa park crafting area
The Rovaniemi Santa park crafting area

6. Mrs. Gingerbread Bakery: You can pre-purchase cookies or buy them when you arrive. We purchased two cookies. Show them your ticket and they will give you the cookie. The tables have the icing, decorations and clean up supplies.

Cookie decorating at Santa park Finland
Cookie decorating at Santa park Finland

7. Ice Gallery: This was a quick venture. We put on the fluffy coats that were provided (since we had stored ours in the coat room at the entrance). There were some very nice carved animals and an ice throne for photo ops. You can also order liquor drinks in ice glasses (if you choose). 

Ice Sculptures at the Santa park Rovaniemi
Ice Sculptures at the Santa park Rovaniemi

8. Santa Park Magic Sleigh Ride:  Check out the Disney style smooth and family friendly ride through a winter wonderland. The ride is short and enjoyable. 

santa claus village and santa park

9. Angry Bird Indoor Play Area: If the kids need a break to be…well, kids. Head upstairs in the main area and above the restaurant. The kids will delight in a climbing structure, shooting zone and activities for kids. Parents, there are two sets of stairs, so FYI if you have kids that like to escape. 

santa park tripadvisor


Santa Park is an easy day spent indoors with kids. I know our son appreciated not having to wear all of his winter gear and he really enjoyed the variety of activities inside the bunker. We thought all of the activities were well planned and of high quality. The elves were especially helpful and friendly. They would ask what your child’s name was and then if they saw them again, they would often use his name!

Top Tips:

  • E-mail ahead of time to ask about which day is best to visit. We had two options and when I e-mailed, they told me one of the days they have multiple reservations for tour buses. So, we chose the other day and it was relatively quiet. We also pre-purchased our tickets and activities, but you can purchase them at the window as well.
  • Some items cost extra: cookie decorating, photos with Santa, and food/drinks in the cafe.
  • If you don’t have a full day, you can maximize your visit in 2-3 hours for a 1/2 day adventure. 
  • The neighboring Arctic Treehouse Hotel is absolutely beautiful and worth a consideration for your stay. 

You can easily spend the majority of the day inside the park. 

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Discover the Santa Park: Santa's Village Theme Park in Rovaniemi in Lapland, Finland. Experience Elf School, Visit Santa and take in the magic of Christmas!
Discover the Santa Park: Santa's Village Theme Park in Rovaniemi in Lapland, Finland. Experience Elf School, Visit Santa and take in the magic of Christmas!
Discover the Santa Park: Santa's Village Theme Park in Rovaniemi in Lapland, Finland. Experience Elf School, Visit Santa and take in the magic of Christmas!

I hope you are excited about your visit to Santa Park after reading this guide. I’m sure you will have a wonderful visit and feel a bit of that special magic like we did. We loved the little personal touches from the Elves located throughout the park, they truly have the Christmas Magic!

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